Why ShowBox Apk 4.82 Is Better Than Ever Before?

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The amount of content that’s offered on ShowBox is colossal. And the new option of playing and downloading simultaneously is a cherry on top. You can expect a lot more of showbox, especially of what you have seen in the past versions.

Evidently, the application has a lot more to show than to say. With the new version in line, ShowBox has grabbed everyone’s attention, the options that are still not available with other movie streaming applications, are there in ShowBox. In fact, they are running amazingly well.

Let us remind you some of the best features offered by ShowBox, with new notabilities to catch on.


On the left side of the screen, you’ll find a quick menu where you can easily access selection of movies, tv shows, and music. From there you can also see recently added content with downloaded stuff.

Find your favorite movies, navigate for best episode of your desired tv show and listen to music online. Now with new version users can stream as well download music for free. And at the same time, choose the quality of the movie: 320p, 240p, 620p, 720p, and 1080p. Fortunately the application now allows you to automatically upload subtitles, but for that, you have to sign in through OpenSubtitles account.

Choosing the content you want to watch is definitely very simple and easy. Whether you want to watch movies, or just change to Tv show, it just a tap away. Switching between options is quite simple with ShowBox.

Some extra benefits are there since starting, for example, ChromeCast support, pause downloading, stream & download content simultaneously, and last but not the least, download music albums and listen to them as and when you like.

Its interface is quite intuitive and simple, and transition from one page to another is pretty quick. What more can you expect for a movie streaming application? Though one thing is still left to point out, and that is a “no advertisement version”. The 4.82 version of ShowBox Latest APK is a no advertisement version, you can enjoy unlimited movies and tv shows without getting interrupted by annoying advertisements.

Final words

That’s it for ShowBox 4.82 version. Do try this version before your older version stops responding to your preferences. For any query regarding, you’re welcome to write your comments below. Thank you!

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