iPhone 7 – Everything You Should Know

iphone review

iPhone 7 is the new technology revolution for youngsters across the world. There have been rumors about its upcoming features and design. People are going crazy t the phone as soon as it releases in the market. From sources, we can tell you, iPhone 7 would be launched by 16th September and the booking will start from 9th September 20.

Apple has denied to give it a name yet, we guess they are saving it for their next year’s 10th anniversary. Therefore, for now we will be calling it “New Apple phone”.

According to Mark Gurman confirmation there are changes in basic features in the New iPhone.  Well, the first feature that has changed apparently, is its jack for headphones. According to Gurman, iPhone 7 would be missing a jack for headphones. Infact, the company is providing with bluetooth wireless headphones for its users. Due to this change the phone gets slimmer and has a broader charging port.

The 5.5 inch model will be featuring a dual camera. The two cameras would be capturing photos simultaneously but with different angles. The image that the users can see are going to a merger of the two pictures. Furthermore, the dual camera will sharpen the image in low light environment.

Thirdly, iphone 7 has removed the home button at the bottom of the phone. There will be a pressure sensitive device that will act as the home button and will vibrate at the time of use.

As expected, iPhone 7 will be having 32 GB of memory in the phone. That is really impossible to find in smartphones today. Infact, the new model would be designed with improved water resistance feature. What more can we ask for?

Interestingly, the name has yet not been released for the phone. We are still waiting for its new name. There are basic features that according to the sources are said to be changed in the new model. Lets wait for the phone to come out in the market for a better review.