5 Most Expensive Android Apps

expensive apps

While most of the applications available on Google Play Store are free of cost, many apps are climbing the stairs with almost unbelievable charges. Some users believe that buying the most expensive apps for their mobiles can get them an awesome result. We have prepared a list of Android applications that will surely change your mind set. Well, it definitely did mine!

Let’s look at the the 5 most expensive applications for Android:-

  • 5 – Minutes Sports Medicine

5 – Minutes Sports Medicine is an app that is giving a great knowledge on Sport medicine. Though, I think it is really not needed but it includes ICD-9 Codes, 280 Topics, SNOMED codes and much more. It is a major educational application in the Android market that cost you $99.99. The user interface is quite good and easy to understand. Users can utilise this app in emergencies. The only reason I can point out right now for its expensive cost is the involvement of doctors and their regular updates.  

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       2. Dr. Web Security

Dr. Web Security is for those people who are actually involved in web browsing. The app asks you to pay an absurdly expensive $75 for a lifetime subscription. So if we evaluate this as a lifetime license then we can say that the app allows you to take care of your pocket with just paying a subscription for a lifetime, whereas, other security app wants you to pay on a regular basis. That is quite a hit on your pocket.

  1.   Mobile Accessibility US

Mobile Accessibility US is an application that is made for people who are afflicted with Blindness. Blind users now can operate their smartphone with ease. It allows them you use dialer, calendar, web browser, email, settings, alarm and much more at just $99.00. I guess this is the first app that we can agree with its pricing value.

  1. Most Expensive Android Widget

There are some apps that seem to be exceptionally good at their work ,but when we download them, no doubt they are waste of time as well as money. Most expensive Android widget is one of them. Apparently, It wants you to pay for service they don’t provide. The widget just sits on your home screen and literally says “ Most expensive widget”. It does nothing apart disturbing your other phone settings and themes. It probably saves your battery life.

  1. Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound

Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound is yet another medical application that allows you to learn the procedures and how to do an Ultrasound. There are almost 440 images explaining the same. Some of the procedure also includes steps for it. It will surely help you in emergencies but the question is why would I download and buy an expensive application of $69.99 in emergency case.


These apps are good to download but at your own risk as they do not give guarantee for perfect working. Therefore, users who want to install these apps need to be very careful about their priorities. What do you think?